Grub & Lawn Pest Control

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Grub Control 

 Grubs are periodic pests that can attack your lawn with varying intensity from year to year. If you live in an area with above normal rainfall and have high soil moisture content, you may be prone to grubs and may want to take preventative measures. 

They are one of the na tion’s most destruc tive lawn pests. These organisms are C-shaped, off -white in color with a characteris c dark brown head. The larvae feed on grass, plant roots and organic ma er in the soil. As a result, grubs can be found at the root zones of damaged areas of the lawn. It is important to iden tify grubs as the source of your browning lawn before u tilizing biological treatments highlighted below a er trying preven tative methods. Other factors, such as drought, disease, excessive fer tlizer, poor soil or even another pest, may be the cause of your lawn’s brown spot.

Effective lawn care and early detection are usually the best ways to keep these and many other grubs in check. However, here are some other ways your lawn care services can help you prevent and repair damage by grubs.

The right insect control products, when used correctly and at the right time, can be extremely effective in controlling grubs and preventing future infestations.  

It's important that you seek lawn care advice from the right people to help you control and prevent infestations as well as maintain the health of your lawn.  

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No homeowner wants to hear that his or her beautiful, green lawn is under attack, but the truth is that your lawn is fighting a constant battle against nature. Drought and weeds are tough enough to combat, but when you include lawn damaging insects like grub worms into the mix, it's enough to make the most vigilant homeowner nervous. Watch this video to learn about grub worms and how they can best be controlled in your lawn. 

Other Services Available:

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